In Jul of 2018, Broadcom announced its intentions to acquire CA Technologies.  In the press release, Hock Tan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Broadcom, said: “This transaction represents an important building block as we create one of the world’s leading infrastructure technology companies. With its sizeable installed base of customers, CA is uniquely positioned across the growing and fragmented infrastructure software market, and its mainframe and enterprise software franchises will add to our portfolio of mission critical technology businesses. We intend to continue to strengthen these franchises to meet the growing demand for infrastructure software solutions.”While those words look really nice on paper, the acquisition is now old news. With crunch time now here, customers of both companies are now asking,” What’s in it for me?”Broadcom’s pursuit of this merger grew from a recognition of the magnitude of the data centermarket opportunity.  Rapid growth in the companies networking and storage businesses was being driven by the even faster growth in the industry’s need to securely and reliably scale data centers.  This datacenter metamorphosis was, in turn, being driven by digital transformation initiatives across literally every industry. Always looking to improve values to their individual customers, the merger gave existing customers of both corporations the opportunity to benefit from the natural synergy of Broadcom’s industry-leading IT Infrastructure offerings and CA’s industry-leading suite of mainframe solutions. Since the mainframe holds most of today’s enterprise data, two of CA Technology industry leading products, Zowe and Brightside, were seen as perfect compliments to any organization’s digital transformation efforts.  As a new open source software framework, Zowe provides solutions that allow development and operations teams to securely, manage, control, script and develop on the Mainframe like any other cloud platform. When paired with Brightside’s automation and self-service capabilities, this combination unlocks additional mainframe business value

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