Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps companies to be socially accountable to their employees, stakeholders and the wider public. By practising CSR, businesses are demonstrating that they are conscious of the impact that they have on society from an economic, social and environmental perspective. Engaging in CSR simply means that organisations are operating in ways that enhance society, and the environment, rather than contributing negatively to them. This is especially important during times of economic uncertainty, like many employees, customers and partners feel unsettled about what’s to come in the future.

Introducing CSR software development

Software is a key component to the functioning of most businesses today, and there are a number of characteristics that it must adopt. Going beyond its technical features, software needs to be reliable, secure, scalable, and most importantly meet the requirements of the end-user. But what does CSR mean for software development? Broadly speaking, it’s all about software engineers ensuring that they are aligning developments inline with environment, economic and social concerns. This means that they are committed to behaving in accordance with industry standards and the values of the business. 

In addition to this, GDPR is now embedded into companies corporate strategy and is becoming increasingly linked to CSR. This is especially important as software engineers now have opportunities to adopt better data management that bolsters a competitive advantage across international markets. However, engineers will also have access to large volumes of customer data, meaning that they need to ensure they are abiding by tighter GDPR regulations and guidelines. These professionals are held accountable for data protection and this will be vital in ensuring that businesses can position themselves as socially responsible.

What’s more, the development and use of sustainable software should be a part of any organisation’s overall objectives, ensuring that they

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