It might seem counterintuitive, but marketing automation can actually increase levels of brand engagement.  Customers now expect relevant and personalised marketing interactions with brands across various channels and platforms, so automated marketing makes this much easier and effective. This ability to personalise experiences with your brand for each customer creates better engagement, improves business workflow and increases campaign ROI. We’ll take a look at some of the ways marketing automation can be used to captivate your customers, leading to a more engaging journey with your brand.
1. Identify your customer journey with automated analytics
A customer’s journey with your brand is never going to be linear. Increasing marketing channels such as social media, email and online ads mean customers will all take individual routes through brand interaction. Marketing automation tools make it much easier to track a customer journey, easily identifying key milestones in the entire process which can then be used to up engagement. This can include the initial channel, buying behaviours and the different paths customers take within the process. Even better, you’ll also be able to clearly identify key areas where the customers lose interest or disengage completely, allowing you to reconnect with these customers quickly and with relevant content. These insights combine to develop an informed, user-focused strategy to make your sales funnels much more engaging. And that will make them more effective.
2. Use automatically triggered emails to boost engagement
Email is an often under-used marketing tool, but utilising email automation is an effective way to segment, personalise and engage with the customer. Automatically triggered emails let you nurture the customer with carefully created content based on their past interaction with your company, with automatic systems making this easy. Sending welcome emails, special date reminders and discount codes all personalised to the customer after a sale or specific action

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