What I wish I knew before I took the CKAD: Bourne Again
You’re given two hours from the start of the exam to when you run out of time, or you request it to end. In my certification journey, I have never hit the time limit except when it came to the very first one I took. The CKAD is yet another exception in this journey.
That’s why it’s imperative that you complete your commands in as few keystrokes as possible and that your pinky is sore from going to the “Autocompletion Gym.”  That’s why this tip is all about setting up your bash profile so that when you get into the exam, you pound out the required completions, set up the right aliases, and save time throughout the exam.
Try these aliases and commands out on your own before you commit to them, but they helped speed up my troubleshooting during the exam:
echo ‘source

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