What I wish I knew before I took the CKAD: Steady as she goes!
This may come as a “no duh” to most, but I used a wireless connection during my exam. To be honest, I felt fine with wireless for the following reasons:

I built my own computer with a dedicated WiFi card and modular antenna
I sat right next to the router
My internet connection is stable and runs at 1gbps down 30mbps up
Everyone else was off the internet during the two hours of the exam
It had not been a problem as of yet

The last bullet point was the one that got me. You see I had no problem with my WiFi because it hadn’t reared its ugly head during a stressful moment. Such as taking the CKAD. That’s why when you sit down for the exam, ensure you are wired directly into your modem or router for a consistent connection. Consistency is key.
What it did to my experience…
The reason I bring this up is that I lost several minutes (arguably more) of precious exam time due to my session dropping with the proctor. When this happened, it immediately interrupted my focus, left me feeling frustrated and I then had to wait for the proctor to re-initiate the connection with me (which took about a minute at most). That put me back at the home screen of the exam, not on the question I was interrupted on. I was flustered, lost, and had to quickly navigate back to the question (if I remembered which one I was on!). 
The biggest factor in this interruption was that it took me some time to get back into my groove — the focused, confident mind that I know I have. In fact, it can take up to 23 minutes to get back into a focused mindset (The

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