This week is National Nuclear Science Week – an exciting week of learning, teaching and interacting on all things nuclear-related.  (You can read about the history of National Nuclear Science Week, or NNSW, by following this link.)
Each year, this week sees a social media focus (and blitz) on nuclear technologies – technologies that without doubt make our lives better.  These technologies aren’t just for generating electricity, either; they encompass a wide variety of disciplines that include metallurgical research, medicine, food preservation, satellite and space power and much more.  In fact, there are so many uses for nuclear technologies that it’s hard to cover all of their basics (much less all of their benefits) adequately in just a week.
So, to kick off the 2018 NNSW we’re providing some resources.  Perhaps you’ve only just learned that this week was “a thing”; if so, you’ve only to browse through the information linked below to get up to speed.
•Navigating Nuclear
The American Nuclear Society’s Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information has joined up with Discovery Education to provide a new resource called “Navigating Nuclear.”  Right now, the project features lesson plans, STEM project starters and more for middle school age children; eventually it will expand to elementary and high school levels as well.  The site is a great way to introduce kids to the topics of radiation in our world and nuclear energy.  Radiopharmaceuticals are also covered in a STEM project starter – bringing the project’s coverage into the world of modern medicine.  You can find Navigating Nuclear here.
•Nuclear Science Week
The official website for National Nuclear Science Week, sponsored by the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, provides a rich assortment of materials for all school-age groups (elementary, middle and high school.)  Nuclear energy and related issues are well covered, as is radiation. 

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