New Content in the Training Library
In April, our Content Team released three new or updated learning paths, 15 courses, 18  hands-on labs, and six lab challenges! You can always find the latest content additions, as well as insight into what content we’re working on next, on our Content Roadmap.

Featured Content:
A new set of machine learning labs has been added to the training library. These labs are based on the general machine learning concepts featured in the AWS Machine Learning certification. See the list of labs in the Data Science & AI section below.

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Data Science & AI
New Product Features


COURSE: Fundamentals of Streaming with Amazon Kinesis
COURSE: Introduction to AWS Cost Management
COURSE: Building Multi-Account AWS Infrastructure with Control Tower
COURSE: Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Part 2
LAB CHALLENGE: AWS Config Compliance Challenge
HANDS-ON LAB: Amazon VPC Playground
COURSE: Overview of Amazon Kinesis
HANDS-ON LAB: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Playground
HANDS-ON LAB: Handling S3 Objects Events With Lifecycle Policies and Server Access Logging
LAB CHALLENGE: Amazon SQS Queue Creation Challenge
HANDS-ON LAB: AWS CloudFormation Playground
HANDS-ON LAB: Tracing Java Applications with AWS X-Ray
COURSE: CloudWatch Metrics and Anomaly Detection

Google Cloud

COURSE: Introduction to Google Cloud Firestore and Datastore
COURSE: UPDATE: Optimizing Google BigQuery
COURSE: UPDATE: Introduction to Google BigQuery
COURSE: UPDATE: Managing your Google Cloud Infrastructure
LEARNING PATH: Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam Preparation

Microsoft Azure

LAB CHALLENGE: Azure Data Factory Pipelines Challenge
COURSE: Introduction to Microsoft Power Automate
HANDS-ON LAB: Create Your First Azure Virtual Network
HANDS-ON LAB: Azure API Management Policies and Security
COURSE: Auditing and eDiscovery in Microsoft 365


HANDS-ON LAB: Implementing a Scalable Storage Solution with Alibaba Object Storage Service
LAB CHALLENGE: Alibaba Object Storage Service Basic Challenge
HANDS-ON LAB: Creating an Alibaba Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
LAB CHALLENGE: Alibaba Virtual Private Cloud Creation Challenge

COURSE: Introduction to Container Security


HANDS-ON LAB: Implementing Authentication in a Microservice Using the Serverless Framework
HANDS-ON LAB: PowerShell Playground
HANDS-ON LAB: C# Development Playground
COURSE: Tablet Talk: Learn the Basics

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