This past month our Content Team served up a heaping spoonful of new and updated content. Not only did our experts release the brand new Azure DP-100 Certification Learning Path, but they also created 18 new hands-on labs — and so much more!
New content on Cloud Academy
At any time, you can find all of our new releases by going to our Training Library and finding the section titled “New this month in our library.” You can also keep track of what new training is coming for the next 4-6 weeks with our Content Roadmap.

Microsoft Azure
Data Science/Artificial Intelligence

Learning Path: Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate (ACA) Preparation
Just starting out in the world of Alibaba Cloud? Let this learning path be the first step on your journey. It covers the essential aspects of this fast-growing platform, introducing you to the fundamental services you’ll need in order to build your own Alibaba Cloud infrastructure.
Course: Alibaba Server Load Balancer (SLB)
This course provides an introduction to Alibaba’s Server Load Balancer service, also known as SLB. The course begins with a brief intro to load balancing in general and then takes a look at Alibaba SLB and its three main components.

Course: Understanding Amazon RDS Performance Insights
This course explores Amazon RDS Performance Insights, a performance monitoring and tuning feature that can quickly assess the load on a database hosted inside Amazon RDS and determine when and where to take action.
Course: Understanding RDS Scaling and Elasticity
This course explores how to scale your RDS databases.  It covers scaling based on reads or writes, and what it means to scale horizontally or vertically. Additionally, it covers sharding databases as a way to increase write performance and when it needs to be considered as an option.
Course: Using Automation to Deploy AWS Databases
This course explores how to use automation when creating Amazon RDS

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