In May, our team of expert certification specialists released seven new or updated learning paths, 18 courses, 28 hands-on labs, and two lab challenges!

New Content in the Training Library

Three very large CKAD hands-on labs (average duration over two hours each) have been refactored into a series of smaller, more consumable labs. These 11 labs have an average duration of about 30 minutes each. 

The original extra-large labs have been marked “outdated.” Members who previously completed outdated content can still go back and review it, but going forward, members will start the new content instead. The new labs cover the same material as the originals, so if a member already completed the old ones, there is no need to also do the new ones. Instead, they can just finish the exams and challenges to complete the learning path.

You can always find the latest content additions, as well as insight into what content we’re working on next, on our Content Roadmap.

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COURSE: Helping your Teams Provision Applications with AWS Service Catalog

This course explores AWS Service Catalog and how to use it to create portfolios of services that users can provision within their own AWS accounts.

COURSE: The Mechanics of the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam

This short course describes the mechanics of the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam.

HANDS-ON LAB: Fan-Out Orders using Amazon SNS and SQS

This lab covers using Amazon SNS and Amazon SQS to fan-out messages. Also helps support our coverage for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.

COURSE: Tablet Talk: AWS Networking Basics

Learn the essential aspects of networking in AWS, starting with Amazon VPC, and moving on to regions, availability zones (AZs), subnets, and internet gateways!

HANDS-ON LAB: Deploy a MongoDB Solution With Amazon DocumentDB

This lab will guide you in the creation of a fully managed MongoDB compatible database.

HANDS-ON LAB: Configuring Amazon

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