This month our team of intrepid certification specialists released five learning paths, seven courses, 19 hands-on labs, and three lab challenges! 
One particularly interesting new learning path is Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Foundations. After completing this learning path, you will have a solid grounding in the subject of information security and will be ready to move on to the CISM Domains to learn about the specific topics within the assessment criteria for the CISM Certification.
New content on Cloud Academy
You can always visit our Content Roadmap to see what’s just released as well as what’s coming soon. January’s new content fell into these categories:

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
DevOps and Security

LEARNING PATH: DeepDive: Amazon S3
Amazon S3 is probably the most heavily used storage service that is provided by AWS simply down to the fact that it can be a great fit for many different use cases, as well as integrating with many different AWS services. In this learning path, we will deep dive into all things S3 related.
COURSE: Understanding Access Control and Authentication with your AWS Databases
This course covers the different options available to enable you to authenticate to your Amazon RDS and Amazon DynamoDB Databases.
COURSE: Increasing your security posture when using Amazon S3
This course has been designed to introduce you to the different security controls and methods that have been built into Amazon S3 to protect your data and enhance your overall security posture. You will learn about resource ownership, access control policies, S3 Access Points, Access Analyzer, and how to use Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
HANDS-ON LAB: Amazon S3 Playground
Explore the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) in this hands-on lab playground.
LAB CHALLENGE: Amazon RDS Database Challenge
Put your Amazon RDS skills to the test in this hands-on lab challenge as you are tasked with creating a database.
LAB CHALLENGE: Amazon Elastic Compute

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