This month our team of expert certification specialists released three new or updated learning paths, 16 courses, 13 hands-on labs, and four lab challenges!
New content on Cloud Academy
You can always visit our Content Roadmap to see what’s just released as well as what’s coming soon. March’s new content fell into these categories:

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Big Data & AI

COURSE: Manage your own encryption keys using AWS CloudHSM
This course gets you started with AWS CloudHSM by giving you an overview of the basics of the service, what it is, and its use cases.
COURSE: Connecting application data using Amazon EventBridge
This course explores Amazon EventBridge and how it can be used to construct architectures in the cloud using event-driven microservices. In this course, you will learn how to use EventBridge rules and targets to react to events. We’ll then take a deeper dive into the service and learn how it differs from Amazon Kinesis and the Simple Notification Service.
COURSE: Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Part 1
This course is part one of two on how to stream data using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. In this course, you will learn about the Kinesis service, how to get data in and out of an Amazon Kinesis Data Stream, and how streaming data is modeled. We’ll also cover Kinesis Producer Applications and Kinesis Consumer Applications and how they communicate with a Kinesis Data Stream. You’ll also learn about the limits and costs of streaming data with Amazon Kinesis, as well as how data can be secured and protected inside a stream.
HANDS-ON LAB: Deploy Container Workloads with Amazon Lightsail
Use Lightsail containers to deploy a container workload and monitor it in this lab.
LAB CHALLENGE: AWS CloudFormation Stack Update Challenge
Put your AWS CloudFormation skills to the test in this hands-on challenge as you are tasked with modifying a stack template.

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