The technology has been continuously evolving throughout history. COVID-19 has increased the pace of this evolution to a whole new level. With the fast-paced growth, we have seen many new trends that came up to the surface. IoT or Internet of Things is one of the emerging trends in the world of technology. IoT helps in managing every device and situation you wish.
But how do IoT works?
An IoT system consists of sensors that communicate or send signals to the cloud through some kind of connectivity. When the data reaches the cloud, then the software processes it and accordingly may decide to act like send an alert message or automatically adjust the sensors/devices, etc., without the need of the user. IoT is such an amazing tool but is it secured enough for us to use?
Well, in research done by HP, it was found out that about 70% of IoT devices are prone to attack! To see security come at last in this new age of digitalisation is not a happy sight. Every personal or professional information your devices hold is in a continuous threat.
What are these IoT issues that we need to handle in order to make our devices secured?

Data Encryption: In this “new age” of technology, every transmission of data that is sent will be encoded, which can be retrieved by the receiver. Hackers are always on a lookout to find new ways and techniques to hack the data that can be useful to them. In the blink of an eye, your data can be hacked at any given moment. There are some ways which might somewhat ensure the safety of your data;

Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL) can be used whenever dealing with online data is involved. The majority of the websites do use SSL certification for encryption and protection of data.
With inbuilt encryption, it

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