Now that Thanksgiving is over and the craziness of Black Friday has died down, it’s now time for the busiest season of the year. Whether you’re a last-minute shopper or you already have your shopping done, the holidays bring so much more excitement than any other time of year. Since our goal is to help you stay on track, here are just a few tips (aka: our helpful reminders) to keep you on track during the holiday season:

Download the app: I know you’ve heard this once or twice already, but we really do think it’s the #1 way to keep your continuous improvement moving in the right direction. Not only can you study in offline mode while flying home for the holidays, but you can also cast to Chromecast to study from your TV while cuddled up on your couch.
Set study reminders: Create recurring events to remind yourself to study. You can also quickly create these from your Cloud Academy dashboard. Just click “Add a Training Reminder” and voilà — you’ll immediately get reminders to help you from slacking off.
Set a deadline: You are 10x more likely to hit your goal if you actually set a date to complete it. Whether you want to get an AWS, Azure, or Google certification, or you want to master creating Pythonic code, set a date to hit that goal and stick to it. If you want to go even just an extra step beyond that, schedule the exam and make yourself commit to that date.

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