Happy New Year!
We hope you’re ready to kick your training in overdrive in 2020 because we have a ton of new content for you. Not only do we have a bunch of new courses, hands-on labs, and lab challenges on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, but we also have three new courses on Red Hat, three new Git Hands-on Labs, and five OWASP Lab Challenges!
2020 is already off to a great start for Cloud Academy, so we hope you’re ready to jump right into this new training content.

New on Cloud Academy
At any time, you can find all of our new releases by going to our Training Library and finding the section titled “New this month in our library.” You can also keep track of what new training is coming for the next 4-6 weeks with our Content Roadmap.

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Red Hat
Business Transformation
Platform Features 

Course: Implementing Cross-Account Access Using IAM
This course focuses on how to implement cross-account access using IAM roles. It will explain what cross-account access is and why you would implement it. It then looks at the key steps involved in its configuration before a demonstration is given to show you how to implement it.
Course: How to Share Resources Across Multiple Accounts Using AWS Resource Access Manager
This course looks at how you can share resources such as subnets, transit gateways, Aurora DB clusters and more, between AWS accounts or within your AWS organization using the AWS Resource Access Manager.
Course: How to Share CMKs Across Multiple Accounts Using AWS KMS
This course focuses looks at how you can use the same Customer Master Keys (CMKs) for encryption across multiple AWS accounts using the Key Management Service.  It will define the key principles and components required to share the CMKs in addition to a demonstration on how to carry out those actions.
Hands-on Lab:

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