By Dr. Lane Carasik
As I write this, I’m excited to know the future of the American Nuclear Society will involve the activities and efforts of the newly formed Diversity and Inclusion in ANS (DIA) Committee. The DIA Committee was formed after the 2018 Annual Meeting by expanding the Professional Women in ANS (PWANS) committee with the inclusion of Nuclear Pride, a LGBTQA+ nuclear organization. It is dedicated to giving a voice to all underrepresented and marginalized groups within ANS, including, but not limited to, women, persons of color, the LGBTQA+ community, and people with disabilities. This new committee is the result of the combined efforts of several people over several years to ensure all of these groups, named and not named, have a voice.
Even though DIA is new, it will be taking up the mantle of a large set of activities previously organized or managed by PWANS and Nuclear Pride. One of these activities is the travel grants for students which the PWANS committee provided through funding from the NEED Committee to help female students attend and participate in ANS national meetings. This program has served students within the Society for at least 17-18 years that includes national members that are currently in or have held ANS leadership positions. I say 17-18 years because that’s the earliest set of PWANS minutes I could find that mention the program… so don’t let anyone tell you taking minutes isn’t an important role. And if you don’t believe me, I hope you’ll believe one of the past awardees.
“For this summer ANS meeting in Anaheim PWANS committee granted me the travel award which enabled me to get a true picture of the challenges such as regulations, designs, licenses, construction, that the nuclear industry faces as it comes on the ‘main street’. The experience gained both during the

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