by Will Davis
More and more folks are having to essentially home-school their children or relatives’ children as this whole virus thing plays out – and they are benefiting from a tremendous effort on the part of educators everywhere as transition is made to sent-out and, increasingly, remote educational materials.  I thought it might be useful to present, with commentary, some short nuclear energy videos that you could watch or use if you check down through materials or want to supplant them.  (We really do have to take a moment to applaud our educators, everywhere, for what they’re facing – and the administrators as well.)
Learn About Nuclear Energy

Our videos today are from the US Department of Energy.  The video above will give a short introduction to what nuclear energy does for us every day, the basic premise of how it works, and will tell you some interesting facts about it.
As we sit at home during these days we’re using all sorts of electric .. things.  Lights, iPhones, iPads, television sets, radios.  Microwave ovens and, our new favorite here, air fryers.  Air conditioners in some places and electric heaters in others.  All of these things we just plug into the wall outlets and they work.  Magic?  No.
The electricity you receive at the house to make these things work is a product – sent, or shipped, to your home inside cables and wires.  It comes from power plants – places where machines and devices create that electricity.  Nuclear energy is our best emission-free source because it can provide electricity to you all day and night, regardless of whatever the weather is doing, and as it does so it creates no exhaust (like your car does.)
Big cities need lots of power; they use very large power plants.  Can small cities and towns take advantage

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