PBLWorks partnered with the Bezos Family Foundation to create a project-based learning unit that teachers can download. It is a high quality PBL unit for the upcoming Hunger Challenge. It is for K-12 educators and students and the unit has them exploring solutions for hunger and malnutrition. You can download it here: http://go.pblworks.org/hunger-projectPBL Works is a great resource for all things PBL. You can read more below.This is a great opportunity for students to learn about hunger as well as learn skills like creativity, collaboration, communication and teamwork.PBLWorks Partners with the Bezos Family Foundation to Launch “Hunger Challenge” Project Based Learning UnitFoundation to donate $3 for each piece of art created by students to help address hunger and malnutrition globallyNovato, CA (Sept. 17, 2019) – PBLWorks, the leader in Project Based Learning (PBL) professional development, has partnered with Students Rebuild, a program of the Bezos Family Foundation, to create a high quality PBL unit for the upcoming Hunger Challenge. K-12 educators and students are invited to participate in the challenge to explore solutions for hunger and malnutrition around the world, and raise funds for youth-focused nutrition programs.The Hunger Project PBL unit – designed for English, math, and science – is available for teachers starting today and the challenge runs through June 5, 2020. Students participating in the challenge research hunger and malnutrition, then work together to develop potential solutions to these issues, and create a work of art to showcase their results.For every piece of artwork submitted, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $3 (up to $700,000) to youth-focused nutrition programs. Students and educators participating in the Hunger Challenge will support UNICEF programs in Yemen and Ethiopia combating chronic malnutrition, expand Mary’s Meals’ school-based nutrition initiatives in India and Malawi, and back community-based initiatives across the U.S.To download the Hunger Challenge PBL Unit,

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