Happy birthday to RadioNuclear! The podcast, sponsored since 2019 by ANS, turned two years old earlier this month. The host, Doug Hardtmayer, and the Society would like to thank everyone who continues to listen and support the show!
Discussed this week:The events that may have led to the release of radioactivity in Russia back in August, and also Hardtmayer takes a moment to reflect on the defueling of the Sellafield MAGNOX reactors.
RNE25’s guest is Dr. Richard Muller, who is the current CTO of Deep Isolation, a company which aims to solve the nuclear waste issue. He is a professor Emeritus of Physics at UC Berkeley. He founded two Nobel Prize-Winning projects in experimental physics, related to the discovery of dark matter, and the structure of the big bang. He has won multiple prizes, including the coveted MacArthur Prize (“the genius award”), and is the author of over 15 Deep Isolation patents, of which three have been awarded.
Enjoy episode 25!  And remember, if you have any show ideas or would like to be a guest, please email us via the contact us page.

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