Soundtrap, a favorite online audio editing tool, has announced that an education version of its new Soundtrap for Storytellers podcast creation tool introduced today will be available to teachers and students for use in the classroom. Like the Soundtrap online music recording studio, this simple tool supports STEAM (Science, Math, Engineering, Arts and Math) education initiatives while amplifying student voice and developing essential skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.This new solution has some great features, which are a first — automatic transcribing and synched editing, which will make a difference for teachers – they’ll be able to add variety to a class, yet meet core curriculum standards as well as teach students both with an IEP and high flyers in the same class lesson. This is a Powerful, All-in-One Solution Enhances Student Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration Here is a video with more information: Education VideoSoundtrap: Equipped with a wide range of intuitive features, Soundtrap for Storytellers allows podcasters to focus on the art of storytelling by significantly reducing the time and investment typically needed to make podcasts sound professional. The full suite of services can be accessed via desktop, and a select set of recording and editing features is available on iOS and Android. Tools available include: Interactive Transcripts/Editing Studio: Soundtrap for Storytellers saves hours of time by enabling users to transcribe and edit the spoken-word audio file as you would in a text document, eliminating the need to listen to the podcast over and over again. Automatic transcripts, at the click of a button, will differentiate instruction for all ages, abilities and individualized education plans. This tool allows learners to see their spoken word, easily edit the text and tell the story of their learning. Communication and Collaboration: While this education version is compliant with

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