Disclosure: Spaces is currently an advertiser on FreeTech4Teachers.comSpaces is a free digital portfolio tool that launched earlier this year and has quickly become one of my top recommendations for teachers and students who want to bring Portfolio-based assessment into their classrooms. Since it came to my attention in the middle of the last school year, some teachers may not have tried it because they already had a digital portfolio in place. Now that the new school year is here, take a look at Spaces and its many features for teachers and students including some that were just launched for the new school year. Activities“Activities” is my favorite new feature in Spaces. Activities are exactly what the name implies, activities that you can assign to your students to complete and add to their Spaces digital portfolios. And because Spaces offers group portfolios and individual portfolios, you can assign Activities to groups or individuals. You can create an Activity that is as simple or as complex as you would like. A simple Activity would be something like “attach a picture of your marshmallow tower and explain what you’d do differently next time.” A complex Activity might be something like asking students to record a short video explaining the key points of a presentation they’re making and how those points align with the standards you’ve assigned. Here’s a list of some sample Spaces Activities. To create an Activity in Spaces simply sign into your teacher account, choose the class that you want to assign an Activity to, and then click the blue “create” button under the Activity heading in your account. Then all you have to do is write the directions for what you want your students to do. If you already have directions written in Google Docs or Word, you can simply

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