We’ve made like Marie Kondo and organized all the things — including team roles, licenses, and visibility. Check out our new features to help you simplify, declutter, and optimize your team’s skill-building experiences so you can scale training effectively. 
Management Dashboard Facelift
We’ve given the Management Dashboard a makeover to make it faster and easier than ever to manage teams, assign training, and track progress. Our Teams and Members pages are now combined under “Organization,” which enhances the previous functionality and comes with a brand-new look and feel. Never miss a join request for your team, and ensure every member is assigned to the right team with this new view, which makes it super simple to see if anything’s out of place in your organization. The new look of our sidebar makes it quick to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Managing teams is clearer than ever:

These improvements to the interface are just the tip of the iceberg. On top of the sleeker interface and faster interactions, we’ve introduced a whole suite of new features to make scaling your training as seamless as possible.
New feature: Reflect your organization’s hierarchy with subteams
The release of subteams allows your managers more flexibility and autonomy to manage training cycles and track progress. Now, a Team Manager is empowered to create as many teams and subteams as they like within a team they manage. This allows you to reflect your organization’s hierarchy and gain the visibility you need to stay organized and train efficiently.

A Team Manager at the parent level is able to deploy training plans and assessments to the whole team — including their subteams — in one go, and can see aggregated insights of every direct and indirect report:

New feature: Stakeholders on the team level
The Stakeholder role, which allows a user to see powerful insights into

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