Startup founders have different technical challenges at the various stages of their journey.  At the early stage, it’s a race to product market fit, and at the growth stage, it’s scaling the business and customer acquisition. A technology stack that does not support your growth strategy holds back product evolution and causes performance issues that erode the customer experience.  So how can startups go faster and retain and grow their customer base?  
At the early stages startups pay less attention to the performance, cost and scalability of their technology stack.  Instead, they tend to use the standard infrastructure building blocks and install software to experiment and develop their technology. The goal is to get their first customers signed up, but this approach requires that they manage their infrastructure stack manually resulting in a much lower rate of experimentation, lower developer productivity, and ultimately a much longer journey to product market fit.  Leveraging cloud native applications removes the undifferentiated heavy lifting of installing and managing software. It gives early stage developers the freedom to experiment without having to worry about the cost of managing the technical infrastructure.
Leverage the self-service approach to learning. There is an abundance of online training resources to keep up to date on new technologies, for example, review use cases and links to the detailed product documentation.  AWS also has a new Startup Kit, which is a set of resources designed to accelerate startups’ product development on AWS. A core component of the Startup Kit is a set of well-architected sample workloads that can be launched within minutes with code published on GitHub. The code can be extended easily to create a wide variety of applications.
Look for opportunities to meet like-minded people to learn from. This could be through classroom training, bootcamps, user groups, meetups, and industry events. Leverage funded programmes, such as AWS Activate, which is a program

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