With an estimated value turnover of 140 billion USD in 2019 and projected robust growth, the video games industry has become a giant in the entertainment business. Gaming is about experiences. Experiences are for consumers. And in the world of gaming, “everybody can be somebody”. For many of the millions of gamers around the globe, gaming is a lifestyle. It offers a way of identifying themselves and expressing emotions, of being connected and belonging to a group. Linear gaming has evolved into multi-platform gaming ecosystem, on PC, console and smartphone/tablet, streaming and watching on video platforms, all of which are integral to gamers’ engagement.
The importance of mobile gaming
Smartphone and tablet developments provide a good understanding of multi-platform gaming and in particular, the current importance and future potential of mobile gaming. As smartphone displays grow, tablets needed to adapt and offer the bigger screen sizes too. In EU 15, over 5.7 million tablets above 9” were sold in the first half year of 2019, while smartphones reached over 17.2 million units in the same period. Although these devices aren’t currently suitable for high-end gaming, there’s the promise that this will change in the near future. Overall, these numbers demonstrate the current importance and further potential of mobile gaming.

PC hardware as a gaming ecosystem
When it comes to PC gaming hardware, we’ve experienced an evolution from a niche segment to a gaming ecosystem over the last few years. Turnover of over 5.3 billion euro, generated by gaming PC hardware in the first half year of 2019, exceeded the turnover for the whole of 2016 . In 2018, the turnover of consoles in EU15 fell slightly by -1 percent to 3.7 billion euro. Although over 14 million consoles were sold in 2018, they still recorded a decline of -4 percent. Sales of consoles dropped

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