Shared electric scooters have taken the world by storm, thanks largely to the massive efforts by companies like Lime and Bird. Such companies have flooded cities around the world with affordable, convenient electric scooters that are solving a critical transportation need.
However, a dirty secret of the industry is that these scooters break down at an alarming rate while constantly being cycled out of circulation and replaced. Many scooters don’t last 3 months on the road, and some are even replaced monthly. That’s not enough time to even recoup their cost, calling into question how sustainable such companies can be if their scooters can’t last long enough to be profitable – not to mention the environmental ramifications. But Superpedestrian, a startup straight out of MIT, has built a solution in the form of a smart and self-repairing industrial-grade electric scooter. Could this be the breakthrough needed to turn shared personal electric vehicles into a fully sustainable transportation alternative?
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