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This week in the wrap … partnerships between business and higher ed continue to expand; should colleges see bootcamps as a threat, or embrace them?; Eduporium is offering $500 worth of their inventory each month as a ‘grant’ (and I throw a jab at Amazon asking them to show some similar generosity); 10 education ‘truths’ that led one instructor down the road to Project Based Learning; the move to digital resources in K-12 is moving at a quickening pace; and more!
Bill Gates is giving 2018 college grads his favorite new book for free
Colleges should consider integrating bootcamps, not view them as threats
Leaders in Learning — Students learn science and math through various hands-on tools—Students-learn-science-and-math-various-hands-on-tools-484640041.html
10 Learning Truths That Led Me to PBL

10 Education Truths That Support Project-Based Learning

Testing college admissions tests
EDUPORIUM is offering a monthly $500 “grant” to a deserving school/teacher, “helping educators build 21st century learning environments and equipping students with the skills they need for the future” (must use it in their store though!)
Hey Amazon…how about donating some of these awesome STEM boxes to schools?
5 Interesting Things About Walmart’s New (Nearly) Free College Benefit
Facebook is pledging to train 1 million workers and small-business owners across the U.S. in digital marketing and labor skills by 2020
Thanks to @cbuitrago for sharing this gamification framework from Yu-kai Chou in her newest post:

Octalysis – the complete Gamification framework

I.E.S. Awards $8.4 Million to Ed-Tech Businesses to Develop, Test Products

I.E.S. Awards $8.4 Million to Ed-Tech Businesses to Develop, Test Products

Shift to DigitaL Resources in Classroom in “Escalating Rapidly” in the US

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