Informative, inspiring, or just plain interesting education and digital technology content posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers.

This week in the wrap … AJ Juliani takes a look at one my favorite topics – the science of learning and how it relates to edtech, we recognize Apple for taking a very positive step to helo us deal with the addictive nature of smartphone use, learn how some higher education institutions are partnering with community organizations to help support student success, explore student-created VR projects, and more!   
Kudos to Apple for the new Screentime feature in iOS 12! It is nice to see a tech behemoth recognize the importance of giving users the easy ability too have more control over these, frankly, addictive devices. (I forgot to include this link when I first posted this on Twitter!)
4 Reasons Slack Will (Can) Change How You Teach: Digital communication platform gives students more ways to interact with instructors and one another, can breathe life into the online classroom
8 Universities Leveraging Community Partnerships to Boost Student Outcomes
it! The Science of Learning (and technology’s impact on how we learn)

The Science of Learning (and technology’s impact on how we learn)

Remarkable Teaching: Student Created Virtual Reality Projects

Remarkable Teaching: Student Created Virtual Reality Projects

Has the Univ of Central Florida’s Business Programs Department pushed “blended” learning too far, or is this the right thing to do to reverse trend of Ss not coming to class and not watching recorded lectures?
Sometimes The Best Edtech PD Isn’t About Tech At All
Boxlight is partnering with schools to deliver a series of free edtech webinars in their Fall Webinar Series

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‘They still need us’: How to help children navigate, process the digital world
I saw a favorite #edtech blogger suggest that we use the Amazon Echo in our classrooms. I think teachers & admins needs to be more wary

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