We use our mobile phones for a lot of things nowadays, from keeping up with social media to projecting augmented reality. In recent years, we’ve also started using them to pay for our groceries at the shop. Yes, it could be argued that our mobile phone is becoming the most important item we own – promoting itself from a mere gadget to our personal accessory. You could even say it’s becoming more important than our wallet. Especially now you can make contactless cash withdrawals
Where are contactless cash withdrawals available?
Whilst perhaps not a totally new idea, it’s not one I’d heard of until now and it’s certainly becoming a more common practice with banks. US finance giant Chase bank is now offering the ability to withdraw cash with just your mobile phone at nearly all (15,000) of its 16,000 ATMs.
For those in the UK with a Barclays account, you can make contactless cash withdrawals.
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) has you covered if you’re in Oceania. Interestingly, ANZ offers a “Tap & Pin” service, too. Instead of inserting your card into the machine, as you usually would, you simply tap your contactless card and enter your pin.
How does it work?
Barclays, which we’re looking at in this example, uses your Android mobile phone. On your Android phone, at least with Barclays, you’ll need the mobile banking app which has had mobile banking set up on. You then turn on a feature called “Contactless Mobile” and you’re good to go. By using Near-Field Communication (NFC), which is available on most, if not all, modern smartphones, the app interacts with the touch point on the ATM. At this stage, you enter your pin into the ATM as usual and proceed to all of the options you’d have with your bank card, including contactless

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