Disclosure: this article was written as a paid partnership with Google for Education. Over the years I’ve always recommended creating your own lesson plans as much as possible. However, the reality is that sometimes we just run out of ideas and need to borrow some inspiration from others. That is why, after more than a decade of introducing students and teachers to the capabilities and possibilities of using Google Workspace tools, I now recommend looking at Google’s Applied Digital Skills lessons for ideas about teaching with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and other Google Workspace tools. There are currently 160 lesson plans available in Google’s Applied Digital Skills catalog. I’ve gone through and selected ten that can be used not only to help students become familiar with Google Workspace tools but also to develop skills that they can use throughout their academic careers and beyond. All of the lesson plans in the Applied Digital Skills curriculum follow the same format. The lesson begins with a short introductory video (written transcripts are available) followed by videos that demonstrate the skills and tasks required to complete the lesson. Upon successful completion of the lesson students can receive an Applied Digital Skills certificate of completion. Evaluate the Credibility of Online SourcesIf your students are doing any online research, evaluating online sources is a skill that they need to develop. The days of evaluating websites based on top-level domain or site aesthetics are long gone (thankfully). Today, students need to have a process for analyzing the content of what they’re reading online. A process for evaluation is exactly what the Evaluate the Credibility of Online Sources Applied Digital Skills lesson teaches. Along the way, students also learn some helpful tips about creating and formatting Google Docs and Google Sheets. Build Healthy Digital HabitsBetween mobile phones, laptops,

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