New research from the leaders in enterprise information management, OpenText, today reveals the extent to which UK consumers think robot and artificial intelligence AI technology will impact aspects of their everyday lives – from work to healthcare – in the future.
Robo-colleagues here to stay
The survey of 2,000 UK respondents revealed growing optimism around robots in the workplace. Over one third (35%) of UK citizens would feel comfortable working alongside a robot while almost a quarter (23%) would actively encourage their employer to hire robot colleagues if it would mean a reduction in their day-to-day admin tasks.
The research also revealed fewer concerns about robots taking over jobs completely. While the 2017 survey revealed that a quarter of UK consumers (25%) believed their job could be replaced by a robot in the next 10 years, this dropped to one in five (21%) in this latest survey. Furthermore, almost two thirds (60%) of respondents did not think a robot would ever take over their jobs, suggesting a greater inclination to work alongside – and not be replaced by – robot technology.
AI technology in the NHS

As AI is implemented across the healthcare sector, British consumers will need to put their trust in this technology.Click To Tweet
Faced with a growing population and tight budget, the UK’s National Health Service has already started looking to AI to improve patient service and cut costs. With smartphones due to become the primary method of accessing health services, the NHS is already investing in AI-powered apps and implementing AI technology which will allow NHS 111 enquiries to be handled by robots within two years.
Yet this latest research reveals widespread uncertainty amongst the UK population when it comes to trusting their health to AI:
·         A more accurate diagnosis was identified as the biggest benefit of introducing AI into healthcare, yet only a quarter

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