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In today’s digital era, employers are constantly seeking skilled professionals with working knowledge of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. According to the 2019 Trends in Cloud Transformation report by 451 Research:
Business and IT transformations require new cloud- and data-centric skills sets, but enterprises are having difficulty finding and retaining the required expertise.
While certifications are important, they don’t always give you the hands-on knowledge or experience that employers require. Understanding your cloud knowledge is a challenge, but there is now a way to know if your skills are up-to-date with the latest technology.
Understand where your skills stand
If you work in the IT industry — whether you are a developer, engineer, architect, data scientist, or any other IT role — you know that staying up to date is always a challenge.
Today, we’re pleased to announce a new tool that allows you to test your cloud knowledge.
Whether you use AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or a combination of all three, our Cloud Knowledge Evaluation will test your current skills to reveal your strengths and weaknesses. By selecting the “overall cloud readiness,” you will be asked general questions about the benefits of the cloud. This general assessment was designed for people who are familiar with cloud technologies, but not with a specific vendor.

Take the Cloud Knowledge Evaluation
To understand where your technology skills stand, you don’t need a paid Cloud Academy account. Simply go to our Cloud Knowledge Evaluation, and follow our three easy steps:
1. Choose your platform.
2. Take the 20-question evaluation.
3. Receive your initial skill profile in your inbox.
The Cloud Knowledge Evaluation was built to let organizations answer the question, “Is my team ready for this cloud project?” Today, we’re pleased to release our new tool to the public.
How the score is calculated
The system

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