“Did I study enough? Did I study too much? What if they ask about this topic? Should I drink water before starting? Can they see me now through this camera? Yeesh, I’m slouching. I’ll smile, that way they’ll think I’m nice and friendly. Oh god my teeth, uh, nevermind. Less coffee next time. Ok, the proctor just signed on. Eyes up! Focus, you got this! You studied, you prepared, you’re on that new positive self-talk kick! This is your test to pass! Let’s do this!”
We’ve all been there. Exams, tests, and quizzes. They’re your unwanted acquaintances that accompany you through your educational lifespan only to leave you the moment you graduate. Vanishing like your lunch in the communal fridge at work. 
Except, today was leftover $HOMEMADE_MEAL, and you love $HOMEMADE_MEAL.
These unquestioned pieces of paper, digital drop-downs, and verbal vouchers purport to give us a sense of achievement through demonstration of knowledge by clicking on a box, filling in a circle, or explaining away a solution to a real-world problem. And the truth is, they propel us to prepare, to study, and to continue our learning journey, which means one thing:
They work
My name is Jonathan Lewey, and I am a content creator for the DevOps team here at Cloud Academy. I have over five years of experience in the IT world and have completed eleven certification exams ranging from CompTIA’s A+, the Cisco CCNA-Sec specialty, to AWS’s Developer and Solutions Architect, and most recently I sat and passed the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Exam (CKAD).
Taking a test is, in part, a skill. Learning to budget your time, pick out choice words in the question, understand the complex technical words thrown at you, and decipher the right answer from the question is not easy. On top of that, we have skin in the

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