Hallam Webber, part of Cloud Academy’s Content Team, shared his enthusiasm for some new C# content that he created. Read on for highlights from our conversation about C#/.NET in general and how it fits into an aspiring developer’s toolbox.

For a complete newbie, if you want to build things is starting with C# a good way to go?

HALLAM: C# is an excellent language to learn for a number of reasons. It is syntactically similar to several other mainstream and well-established languages such as C (obviously 🙂 ), C++, and Java. Java and C++ are also object-oriented languages, so those skills are transferable. C# uses the .NET Core runtime stack making applications cross platform as .NET Core is supported on macOS, Linux, and obviously Windows. Because .NET and C# go hand in hand, .NET skills are easily transferred to other languages like Visual Basic.

What types of things can you build with C#… is it better for certain use cases such as web applications?

HALLAM: There isn’t much you can’t build with C#. Depending on the framework, you can target mobile, Android, and iPhone using Xamarin, website, and services with ASP.NET and the Windows desktop. You can even develop for the macOS desktop using Visual Studio for mac in conjunction with Xcode. There are even open source platforms for developing desktop GUI apps for Linux. C# can be used for XBOX game development, and even low-level PCB programming.

What are the main advantages of C#, .NET, etc.?

HALLAM: Apart from cross-platform development, it is a mature and well-supported language with a vast array of libraries supplied by Microsoft and third parties. One of its main advantages is the excellent tooling in the form of Visual Studio for Windows and macOS and cross-platform VSCode with the C# extension.

Is there any need for someone to learn C? Will

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