The global economy is changing, technology is rapidly advancing, and the number of remote workers is higher than ever before. To tackle the crisis caused by the current climate, employees have quickly shifted to remote work. On the one hand, this particular work arrangement allows employees to balance work and family commitments better. On the other, employee productivity often takes a hit at some point because of many distractions at home. To keep their productivity levels high, employees can resort to various tools and gadgets. Here are some of the best tech tools employees can use to nail remote work.

Project Management

For those having to manage a virtual team, project management tools are of great use. There are so many available options on the market. Some have more features than others. Depending on the size of the virtual team and its needs, managers can easily find the best fit. Project management tools, such as Basecamp or Asana, primarily allow managers to assign tasks and projects to employees and track their progress. Moreover, every team member gets a complete to-do list with their duties and responsibilities. More importantly, they can work and brainstorm together, help each other, making sure all projects meet tight deadlines.

Internal Communication 

Effective internal communication is crucial for remote teams. Remote employees have to communicate not only more but also better than usual. Keeping in touch makes the job easier. They get all the relevant information right away and interact with coworkers like they would in a regular office. That is why managers should stimulate their employees to regularly communicate not only as a team but also across departments. The easiest way to boost communication in the virtual workplace is with internal communication software. Slack, Instant Messaging, Google Hangouts, and Telegrams are just some of the many communicative technology tools,

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