How do you cut through a sea of Black Friday offers as the holidays approach? New clothes, new toys, tons of stuff for everyone else. What about stopping before you get carried away? You have a choice here. Why not flip the script and do something to invest in yourself and your career?
Get our Black Friday Early-Bird discount: You get one year of Cloud Academy for $120 off — that’s $229 for one year of total access. And the best part is when you go for it, the discount sticks for life.

Get a year of Cloud Academy and get your goals done
As much as we all like fast results and instant gratification, it’s still true that any goal worth attaining takes time. Getting AWS or Azure certified, or reaching a proficient level in a new coding language is no different — these are challenging and rewarding goals that take 3-6 months to achieve.
A full year of Cloud Academy will get you full on-demand access to all of our certification training content, plus everything else in our training library. Not only that, we constantly update our content with new features, courses, and labs to keep you up-to-date with fast-changing cloud tech. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with what’s new — we take care of all that for you.
Training Plans: the support you need to succeed
Take advantage of the same features that allow our largest enterprise customers to increase skills by 5x: jump into our Training Plans.
What exactly is a Training Plan?
A Training Plan is a guided framework designed to help you master a given topic. Training Plans are composed of one or more learning paths, such as the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Learning Path — a collection of courses, labs, and exams to get you ready for

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