The Cloud Academy training library is full of excellent training materials to help a wide variety of people achieve an even wider variety of career goals. It’s good to have choices, but sometimes having so many choices of what to learn about is overwhelming. Where do you start when all you really know about the career you want is the general-sounding job title you’re working to get? How much time should you spend working toward it? How long will it take?
Which Path to Take
Learning paths bring together courses, hands-on labs, and exams related to the same topic. Training Plans bring together learning paths, let you set deadlines for yourself, and help you schedule your training time. Now we’re introducing a new kind of path to help you answer the questions you’re facing so you can land that dream job or improve in the one you’ve got.
Enter Job Roles 
Job Roles are the new tool that helps you know where to start. With job roles, getting that new position or promotion has never been easier. Job roles help answer your questions and get you started on the right path.
To begin, job roles cover the following positions in modern organizations:

Cloud Architect
Data Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Software Engineer

Each job role is named after the specific tech career it helps you achieve. Our team of cloud technology experts have hand-selected the most relevant Training Plans to guide you every step of the way. 
Choose Your Adventure 
Job roles appear in the left navigation of the Training library.

When you click the job role you want, you see the Training Plans that we recommend for people who are pursuing this career.

When you click a Training Plan, you get a summary of what you’ll learn, including how long the content is and an estimate of how many days it will take

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