I am starting to write this while reading my message last year, and it definitely feels a bit weird considering what 2020 turned out to be for all of us.
It’s been a very strange year for all of us — Cloud Academy customers, colleagues, and friends have been impacted in different ways. 
And yet, you don’t need another message like this telling you how hard it has been. So I’m going to focus on the positive aspects of the year and how much better the future will be.
At Cloud Academy we feel very lucky — 2020 has been a year of tremendous growth for us, and it’s all because of our customers and our team. To them, I want to say my most sincere thank you. 
In 2020, people and their skills became the priority for everyone
You can’t build a global company without being overly positive, and that’s our spirit as we go into 2021. The last few months accelerated the digital transformation process for millions of companies worldwide, making it easier for everyone involved — from investors to leadership to employees — to understand that cloud and software are the future of every business. The future of work is distributed, 2020 definitely confirmed this once and for all, and that’s fantastic news for all of us. It’s a revolution that was tucked inside of a larger one, and it’s meaningful because companies and people worldwide will now have 10x the opportunities they had before.
But this is not just about companies, this is first and foremost about people. Almost all our customers, in the US, Europe, or APAC, recognize that their people are what’s needed to build their digital future. And they want their people to have the skills they need to help build that future, so we have worked with them

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