With students lacking the structure of the traditional school day while staying at home during this period of wide-scale Coronavirus-driven school closures, it is more important than ever that they strive to be proactive about learning and preparedness. Hopefully some of these tool and tips can help. – KW 
Before downloading a smartphone with unnecessary apps, think about the fact that there are many that can help you in the learning process. Just for comparison – gaming apps are dominant and are one of the most popular reasons why people take their smartphones (81%) and applications that are related to education are downloaded by only 8.5% of users.
Maybe it’s time to change such stat? Why not become more successful when there are so many useful applications around? Below you will find 7 applications with which you can solve some difficulties that are likely to arise in your student life.
1. Cite This for Me
During the implementation of many academic tasks, you have to face the fact that you will borrow ideas and phrases. But you must not forget to refer to them. In general, having an application that will help with quotes is a must-have for every student.
With this application, you will need to use a smartphone camera to scan barcodes and create a citation. Also, this app can format the citation in the style you need (Chicago, MLA, and so on). Well, you probably know that sometimes there are difficulties when working with a certain format, but this application solves this problem. For this reason, this app is in the first place, since all students should pay attention to it. Why complicate your life if everything can be so simple! Moreover, the application is free!
2. Cold Turkey
With this application, you can really become more active. Students best of all know how

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