The internet has drastically changed the IT industry. It not only connects a person with the world, but it also introduces new features every year. In the last decade, “cloud” was a new term tossed in the market, and soon it gained so much popularity that it now covers a large area of the industry.
Up to some extent, we all are familiar with cloud technology and how it stores our data at remote locations, and now every big tech company uses this technology to save their own and customers’ data. Cloud is not only limited to large organizations or enterprises but now even ordinary people also use the cloud to store their data.
Cloud has become so popular that every big tech giant has its cloud service. For example, if you are an android user, you have to connect your mobile device to a Google drive. This will store your data at a remote location, so even if your mobile gets lost or reset, you can recover your data from the remote server.
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What is the cloud?
In the software industry, cloud means a service that runs on the internet and stores your data at a “remote location,” which means the data center of a cloud service provider. In cloud storage, the data that you have stored at your device or hard drive can be stored at the data center of the cloud service provider. The cloud service storage works as a

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