Open source tools perform a very specific task, and the source code is openly published for use or modification free of charge. I’ve written about DevOps multiple times on this blog. I reiterate the point that DevOps is not about specific tools. It’s a philosophy for building and improving software value streams, and there are three principles: flow, feedback, learning.
The philosophy is simple: Optimize for fast flow from development to production, integrate feedback from production into development, and continuously experiment to improve that process. These principles manifest themselves in software teams as continuous delivery (and hopefully deployment), highly integrated telemetry, and learning and experimentation drive the culture. That said, certain tools make achieving flow, feedback, and learning easier. You don’t have to shell out big bucks to third party vendors though. You can build a DevOps value stream with established open source tools.
Let’s start with the principle flow and what the open source community has to offer for supporting continuous delivery. In this article, we’ll cover the top 20 open source tools to achieve DevOps success. But to dive deeper in deployment pipelines and the role different tools, check out Cloud Academy’s DevOps – Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Tools and Services  Learning Path.
Open Source Continuous Delivery
1. Gitlab is a great project for source control management, configuring continuous integration, and managing deployments. Gitlab offers a unified interface for continuous integration and deployment branded as “Auto DevOps.” Team members can trigger deploys or automatically created dedicated environments for a pull-request and see test results all within the same system.
2. Kubernetes and Docker are associated tools like docker-compose to make it easy to maintain development environments and work with any language or framework. Kubernetes is the go-to container orchestration platform today, so look here first for deploying containerized applications to

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