Fintech startups across the globe are now coming up with a lot of fresh new ideas. There are a considerable number of RFS (requests for startups) also being raised daily across the globe. There are many investors also like angel investors who are ready to fund for innovative startups. The objective of many online platforms for startup establishments is to connect entrepreneurs with investors in any industries like software, healthcare, logistics, or infrastructure development, etc.
Many of the corporate firms like Y Combinator and Plaid etc. have their RFS platforms for fintech startups through which anyone can raise a request for their business ideas to get funds. When you consider any successful startup, one can find a common thread as they all are focusing on solving some real-world problems. Here, considering the real-world problems of our times, we are putting forth some startup ideas, which the investors may blindly put their funds into.
1. Clear bills
You also may have found it troublesome to see many incomprehensible items on the service bills you get. Some of the providers, especially services, may have made it more difficult for the users to identify what the given charges are all about and what they are paying for. So, benchmarking the services is a key aspect to consider, which has a huge potential as a startup business idea, how the bills are compared with other providers offering the same services and who ensures the best return on investment, etc.
2. Consumer-centric loans
In the United States, once the loans are paid to the consumers, next the servicer is responsible for the collection of the loans until completely paid off. This is a highly impersonal relationship, and things may often go out of control also to become a bit dehumanized. You may consider the education loan, for example. There are

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