No doubt many businesses are trying to establish how artificial intelligence (AI) can make a difference to their business. They’re not alone. A recent Gartner Group study found that while there’s a lot of interest in AI, it is hard for many users to understand the technology’s true value to their business. Hype aside, it is possible to drill down into how augmented reality and AI can be used in video conferencing and collaboration. A recent Zoom survey found that nearly 60 percent of respondents thought augmented reality would be somewhat or extremely useful in their video meetings, and 73 percent said they expect AI to have a positive impact on meetings. On the point of how will AI and AR change meetings, here are just a few of the benefits users can expect cutting edge technologies to deliver to video meetings today and in the coming years.
The New Meeting Scribe: Artificial Intelligence
Today, AI has already begun to make video meetings even better. It is no longer necessary to spend time entering codes or clicking buttons to launch a meeting. Using voice-based AI, video conference users can start, join, or end a meeting by simply speaking a command, much in the same way you interact with Alexa (you can even doing this using Alexa). Voice-to-text transcription, another artificial intelligence feature, now offered by Otter Voice Meeting Notes and other vendors including Zoom, can take meeting notes during video meetings, leaving individuals and their teams free to concentrate on what’s being said or shown, which boost efficiency and collaboration. This machine-learning-based technology gets smarter and more accurate as more people use it. AI-based voice-to-text transcription is advanced enough to identify each speaker in the meeting, which saves users time by letting them skim the transcript, search and analyse it for certain

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