Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a great summer and was able to relax and recharge. Most schools around here start next week, with new teachers starting this week.The beginning of the year is always a little crazy for all teachers. Getting your room setup, implementing new ideas into your lesson plans, getting to know your students, and just settling back in to the routine can be busy and stressful. Remember to not over do it and take time for yourself.One thing I’ve done in the past that helped me is using a check list of everything I have to do when school starts, including setting up my room (computer, bulletin boards, etc), things I want to post in my room, lesson ideas and more in Evernote. I modify it each year, adding new things for the following year.Here are some more tips, resources, and help to get your school year started on a positive note, and keep it that way.Advice to New College Graduates about to enter the Teaching professionSummary of new teacher tips, urban schools issues, technology resourcesGoogle for Educators – Google has a huge number of free resources for teachers and students. Check them all out (they’re all free).Microsoft Education Resources – resources for admin, IT and teachersEvernote for Education Resources – the ultimate note taking, web clipping, lesson planning resourceCreate a Personal Learning Network – a PLN is an excellent resource for help, advice, and sharing ideas.Overview of some free technology that can help you be more organized and efficient.Related:List of What Makes a Good Teacher – created by studentsGreat resources for New Teachers – advice, support, and trainingAdvice to New College Graduates about to enter the Teaching professionMaking School Relevant for Students10 Important Skills Students need for the Future10 Tech Skills Every Student Should HaveGetting Students and

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