Unlike most other cloud computing platform services — which are tied to particular cloud providers — Cloud Foundry is available as a stand-alone software package. If desired, you can deploy it on AWS, but you can also host it yourself on your own OpenStack server, or through HP Helion or VMware vSphere.
In this article, we’ll cover the basics of Cloud Foundry, but you can learn more about similar DevOps principles using Cloud Academy’s DevOps Playbook Learning Path.

What is a cloud computing platform?
Broadly speaking, three major categories of cloud computing:

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), which provides only a base infrastructure, leaving the end user responsible for the platform and environment configurations necessary to deploy applications. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are prime examples of IaaS.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which provide a finished product for end users, such as Gmail or Salesforce.
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which helps to reduce application development overhead (i.e. environment configuration) by providing a ready-to-use platform. PaaS services can be hosted on top of infrastructure provided by an IaaS.

Since it’s easy to become a bit confused when thinking about cloud platforms, it’s important to be able to visualize exactly which elements of the compute ecosystem are which party’s responsibilities. While there is no precise definition, it’s reasonable to say that a platform requires only that you take care of your applications.
With that in mind, the platform layer should be able to provide the following features:

A suitable environment to run an application.
Application life cycle management.
Self-healing capacity.
Centralized management of applications.
A distributed environment.
Easy integration.
Easy maintenance (such as upgrades, patches, etc.).

What is Cloud Foundry?
Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud computing platform originally developed in-house at VMware. It is now owned by Pivotal Software, which is a joint venture made up of VMware,  EMC, and General Electric.
Cloud Foundry is optimized to deliver:

Fast application development and deployment.
Highly scalable and

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