What is POS?
Point of Sales (POS) data tells you what consumers buy as well as when and where they make their purchase. When you calibrate this data with actionable consumer insights, you can maximize its potential in the consumer journey by understanding who the purchasers are, how and why they make their buying decisions.
What is the Consumer Journey?
With the GfK Consumer Journey module of the Consumer Insights Engine, you can generate high-impact insights that answer questions which include:

What triggers a consumers’ need to purchase?
What proportion of consumers are upgrading a working product and what proportion are replacing a faulty product?
Which marketing channels are consumers receptive to at this early stage of the purchase journey?

The Consumer Journey module of the CIE is the only solution that provides a full view of the online and offline consumer purchase journey for the technology and consumer durables industries. Our solution takes you beyond POS* by combining sales data with market research, online consumer behavior data, and advanced analytics in a single interface.
Note: *In the US, GfK does not have access to Point of Sales (POS) data. US data is calibrated using information gathered from a telephone survey based on probability-based sample representative of both mobile phones and landlines. No retailer data is used in the development of the US offering.
In this series of blog posts, we’ll look at practical examples of how this new solution brings brands closer to their customers, allowing them to understand the story of a customer’s purchase from the realization of a need up to early usage. In this first post of the series, we’ll dive into how customers in India begin to buy a new television.
What are the purchase triggers for television shoppers in India?
Although replacing a faulty product is the key reason for over one in three (33%)

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