Most of our contact centre customers initially met the GDPR with as much trepidation as anyone else. After working with our customers, I have found that those who embrace the new regulation and use it as an opportunity to transform their compliance processes have a lot to gain. By taking a holistic approach to securing and maintaining the integrity of their systems, contact centres establish the basis for receiving a range of benefits that GDPR compliance offers.
Getting your compliance ducks in a row ahead of the deadline could hold great potential for a more efficient use of resources and more effective insight generation from information collected in the contact centre, future-proofing your organisation. Here are some of the activities that I recommend to our customers in preparation for the GDPR:
Make the most of Customer Engagement
The new regulation encourages a greater level of customer trust. For example, The GDPR requires customers to give explicit consent before organisations can use their data. The new regulation also encourages trust in more indirect ways – for example, with the new complications around using third-party solutions. As a result, organisations are likely to reduce their reliance on third-party solutions, bringing data control in-house, in a more tightly regulated environment. This knowledge that customers have given their explicit consent to use their data, gives confidence to organisations. It shows that the customer has taken a first positive step in engagement. Once you have the customer at your fingertips, this can be leveraged to nurture a more trusting relationship.

The GDPR requires customers to give explicit consent before organisations can use their data.Click To Tweet
Another area of the GDPR compliance which brings opportunity for touchpoint with the customer is the ambitious Article 20, the Right to data portability. This is the right for an individual to require

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