Much has been written on the importance of the customer experience in modern life. Customers have so much choice of products and providers and it is easier than ever for them to change supplier if their expectations are not met. This is especially true in the B2C space, but even in the B2B world it is vital to delight your customers, anticipate their requirements and any issues they might be having – if an organisation does not do that then they can be certain that any number of their competitors are happy to do so.
But how can organisations go about delivering that first-class experience to their customers? With more data than ever before, how can that data be put to effective use? The answer lies in augmented intelligence, technology that enhances human imagination and delivers enormous insight to any organisation seeking to improve the customer experience.
Data is not enough – it’s all about insight with CX
Many organisations are now data-driven, or at least would claim to be. But in the customer-focused era we live in, collating and analysing data on customers is really not enough to deliver the experience that will keep them loyal and prevent them from looking elsewhere. For businesses in 2018 (and beyond) it’s all about being insights-driven.
Insights-driven businesses comprise some of the most high-profile and disruptive businesses to emerge in recent times. Examples include Facebook, Amazon, Google, Uber, Airbnb and Netflix – these are all businesses that are founded on smart use of data and insight, but there are also older and more established organisations that can be categorised in the same way.
In its recent report The Insight-Driven Business, industry analyst group Forrester categorised such organisations as ‘predators’, because they are intent on taking much of the business and profits from more traditional organisations, and indeed

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