It has always been clear that collaboration is one of the ways that the channel industry differs – and stands out – from others, and the current crisis has illustrated this more clearly than ever. Working closely together is the only way channel companies will be able to persevere and come out of the other side of this pandemic in the best possible health.

Indeed, as many companies have hit problems with cash flow, leading in many cases to staff being furloughed or even made redundant, we expect to see more partnerships being formed than ever before. Companies will need to rely on the skills and expertise that partners can bring to the table, to continue to satisfy and support their customers.

Now that our ways of working are continuously changing, we must appreciate how important it is that we adapt and remain relevant. Redefining our vision and exploring new ways of engagement while we adjust to the ‘new normal’ will ensure we’re better prepared for the next unforeseen challenges that lie ahead. The pandemic may have been an unparalleled disruptive force, but organisations who are willing to innovate can use this as an opportunity to build resilience. Although this cannot be achievable overnight, there is no better time to start than now.

Resilience starts with employees

To create a resilient channel, collaboration must start within. Businesses will need to transform their model to adapt to the current environment – and it must start at the top. Management teams have an important role: to reflect values and behaviours within an organisation. Remaining transparent and consistent with employees by communicating key results or key events within the company can have a positive impact on staff mentality and culture.

Businesses can also look at identifying ambassadors to empower resilience, who can provide other employees with training and

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