Two out of every five people claim their perception of a company or brand has been negatively affected by their experience in the corporate lobby or reception area. That’s a potential 40 percent of customers left with a bad impression according to a survey of 2,000 office workers carried out this summer across the UK and US. From unfriendly receptionists and having their name misspelled on visitor badges, to being late for meetings because of long queues in the lobby or the receptionist being unable to contact the meeting host, business visitors are being let down by a disjointed visitor experience.
We all know that first impressions count. And if an organisation fails to make a good one, it can negatively affect their bottom line – especially as there are 11 million face-to-face business meetings taking place every day across the US alone. But by integrating the different elements which make up the visitor experience – from parking and access control to front-of-house and hospitality – no visitor need be left out in the cold. Using – and integrating – the latest smart technologies enables organisations to provide the white glove treatment to every visitor.
Imagine the situation where a few days before their planned visit, the visitor – let’s call him John – receives a meeting request by email enabling him to pre-check-in on his phone. In the background, the organisation performs a security check to whatever level is required. Meeting room management and parking systems are triggered to find the best possible space for John and a unique QR code is generated to enable him to access the building. On the day of his meeting with Mary, John receives a friendly reminder with useful details including a map, directions, health and safety information and even the weather forecast.

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