The number of daily online sales has increased by 56% since the beginning of March, coinciding with an 85% reduction in brick-and-mortar footfall. This is because, for many under lockdown, eCommerce offers a source of goods and services they might otherwise have to queue hours for. Large store-based retailers are experiencing massive surges in online orders and are expanding their eCommerce facilities and home delivery options in response. Since 2010, eCommerce has been growing exponentially from a 5% share of retail sales to over 16% in 2019. As the global pandemic continues to transform our daily lives, lockdown and social distancing orders are taking their toll on high street retailers and look to have a lasting impact on the ways in which we shop. 
The resources available
People have been asking themselves if now is the right time to start an eCommerce business for decades. Simultaneously many have wondered whether they’ve missed the eCommerce boat. The truth, however, is that online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy have made starting your own online business easier than ever. These services provide inbuilt shopfront, payment processing and order management systems which simplify the process of launching your business significantly.
Furthermore, services such as WordPress and Squarespace have revolutionised web design. Ten years ago, a website would cost thousands of dollars and weeks of work to complete. Today, they can be built and deployed within days for a small fraction of the price, all without a single line of code on your part. This has allowed entrepreneurs to establish themselves online, taking advantage of existing marketplaces and affordable web hosting solutions to build their businesses with little investment outside of their product marketing.
Evolving business models
Over 4 billion people now have internet access, and that number grows by the millions each day. This incredible rate of

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