Deciding on a WordPress hosting service can be a daunting process for a person just starting out. Even for people with experience, finding the right package to suit the needs of you and your company can be just as difficult.
The article below outlines some of the key aspects you should consider when choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress site. In particular, we’ll cover the pros and cons of managed, shared and VPS hosting services, storage and bandwidth.
Before we start, for any readers wondering, let’s answer:
What is WordPress hosting?
By buying hosting for your site, you are subscribing to a service that allows your website to be viewed on the internet. The provider stores your website on servers that deliver the information requested by a person’s computer when they enter your website. It tells their computer what should be displayed. Essentially, wordpress hosting is a form of web hosting that is designed specifically for websites built on wordpress. There are unique elements to the wordpress platform that can cause issues on some sites if they’re not hosting on a wordpress optimised hosting server.
Cost and Pricing
No matter the size of your business, the cost of hosting is always an important consideration. For many just starting out, it is the main deciding factor too. Try to resist the temptation to just go for the cheapest option you can find, you often get what you pay for with hosting. Examine all the features offered by multiple hosting companies within your price range. Make sure you include companies towards the upper end of your price bracket.
The services offered will impact the cost of package, for example the quality and expertise of  support, the healthiness of the network and the technical additions available to you. If you know you need to have the best, then expect

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